Accepted and Preferred Worldwide

The TOEFL iBT ® test helps you show how well you communicate in English to universities all around the world. The TOEFL iBT ® test is recognized by more than 11,500+ universities in over 160 countries worldwide including USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and across Europe and Asia.

Use the TOEFL test for:

Admissions / Scholarships / Immigration / Visa applications

What’s on the Test

The TOEFL® test assesses your ability to communicate in English with four sections:
Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing.

TOEFL iBT ® Section Details Time Points
Reading • 3–4 reading passages
• 10–12 questions per passage
Time: 54–72 min Points: 0–30
Listening • 3–4 lectures, each 6 questions
• 2–3 conversations, each 5 questions
Time: 41–57 min Points: 0–30
10 minutes break
Speaking • one open question
• three integrated tasks (containing several aspects of information processing e.g. an audio sequence or a text)
Time: 17 min Points: 0–30
Writing • one open task
• one integrated task
Time: 50 min Points: 0–30
Total Taking notes is allowed in all sections. No points will be deducted for incorrect answers. Time: ~ 3h Points: 0–120

Test Your Way:

The TOEFL iBT ® test is offered 3 different ways, so you can choose the testing option that best suits your needs and preferences:

  • TOEFL iBT ® test: Test on a computer at a test center.
  • TOEFL iBT ® Home Edition: Test on a computer at home.
  • TOEFL iBT ® Paper Edition: Test in 2 sessions — Reading, Listening, and Writing on paper at a test center, and Speaking on a computer at home.

Your test. Your choice.

In a Test Center

The TOEFL® test is offered more than 60 times a year in test centers with enhanced safety and health regulations.

Test in a test center

The TOEFL® test is offered more than 60 times a year in test centers around the world.

To help protect the health and safety of test takers and staff, enhanced procedures have been implemented at test centers, including:

  • Social distancing measures
  • Masks may be required during the entire test
  • Allowance of gloves to be worn
  • Enhanced cleaning of testing stations

Be sure to check with your local test center for a complete list of health and safety procedures.

Learn more about testing safely at TOEFL test centers.

At Home

The TOEFL iBT ® Home Edition is a safe and convenient option for students who prefer to take their test at home.

Test at home

The TOEFL iBT ® Home Edition is a safe and convenient option for students who prefer to take their test at home. The test is:

  • identical in content, format and on-screen experience to a test taken at a test center
  • taken on your own computer at home and monitored by a human proctor online through ProctorU®
  • available 24 hours a day, 4 days a week, with appointments as early as 24 hours after you register

See what it’s like to test at home.

Paper Edition

The same 4-skills TOEFL iBT ® test given in 2 testing sessions.

Paper Edition

The Paper Edition is the same 4-skills TOEFL iBT ® test, just delivered on paper and given in 2 testing sessions.

  • The Reading, Listening, and Writing sections are taken on paper at a test center.
  • The Speaking section is taken at home on your computer monitored online by a human proctor, within 2 days after the paper sections.

Where to Study with the TOEFL® Test

  • United States

    The TOEFL® test is preferred by 9 out of 10 universities and accepted everywhere.*
  • UK

    The TOEFL® test is accepted by 100% of U.K. universities, including the Russell Group®.
  • Ireland

    The TOEFL iBT ® and the TOEFL iBT ® Home Edition is accepted by 100% of Irish universities
  • Australia/New Zealand

    The TOEFL® test is accepted by 100% of universities and for all migration visas.
  • Canada

    The TOEFL® test is accepted by 100% of universities and for non-SDS study permits.
  • Europe

    The most preferred test in France and Germany and accepted by all top European programs in English.**


* Survey of 94 admissions officers at US universities who accept both TOEFL and IELTS scores and who expressed a preference. 

** Survey of 59 admissions officers at French universities. Survey of 100 admissions officers at German universities  

Which Test To Choose

The test you choose can make the difference.

The TOEFL iBT ® test is more than just an English test. While other tests may gain you admission to a school, the TOEFL® test gives you the confidence you need to get the most out of your study abroad degree.

Accepted and Preferred Worldwide – Get in at more universities. The TOEFL iBT ® test is the world’s most accepted English-language test for study, work and immigration. It is preferred by more universities and institutions, so you can be confident you’ll stand out to admissions officers where it counts.

Test Your Way: At a Test Center, At Home or on Paper – Now you have a choice of where to take the TOEFL iBT ® test. Test centers around the world are open, with enhanced safety and health regulations, or you can test from the privacy of your home, or in both with Paper Edition. Your test. Your choice.

Tests you on the English you will actually use in the classroom – Get a head start in your studies by arriving at university better prepared (and universities see the difference).

Feel confident in your ability to succeed. Recent enhancements and added benefits to the TOEFL iBT ® test, including MyBest ® scores and a free practice test, provide you with a better testing experience from start to finish to help you do your best.

Funding and Scholarships

Make your TOEFL® scores get your further and make your dreams to study abroad a reality. Use TOEFL® scores to access funding from scholarship providers both at home or abroad.

Here is a list of some scholarships providers who accept your TOEFL® scores as part of their application:

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